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MVP by EnviroEquine and Wild Gold are proud to sponsor DON CARLOS, 2010 KWPN Stallion by Indoctro !!!!!

Wild Gold Premium Cold Pressed Camelina Supplement:

WG Gold Logo FBWildGold_1GAL_PREMIUM PICTUREMany performance horses are at risk of gastrointestinal distress caused by frequent changes in hay, the stress of travel, and the rigors of training. Performance demands may also increase inflammation and take their toll on immune function. Wild Gold Premium has been formulated to provide your horse with added support from DHA, a more potent anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acid, as well as Alltech’s Bio-Mos® to promote good digestive bacteria, and Aloe vera shown to positively impact ulcers.

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Why MVP by EnviroEquine?

EE LogoHorses today are exposed to a number of stressors—intermittent feeding, rigorous training, confinement—that can negatively impact performance and their digestive, immune, and musculoskeletal systems. MVP’s unique combination of Bentonite clay, unrefined salt, and trace minerals provide hydration, gastrointestinal and growth support, and detoxification. It’s the best all natural supplement for your horse.  

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Kristina Novak and Valley View Farm endorse MVP by EnviroEquine and Wild Gold.